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Latest Information Updates

1/9/2021 - Odeon Theatre - Lansing - Robert Fett
I attended MSU from 1984 - 1988.

Saw many films here during that time. They had The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturdays. Saw Blue Velvet, Menage, and many others here during that era. Pinball Petes was on the way back to campus.

Great memories!..
1/6/2021 - Four Star Theatre - Grand Rapids - John R Denton
The Theatre building is still there. Looks bad but still standing.
1/6/2021 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - michael fisher
I would go to Detroit Dragway and watch from time to time shortly after returning to metro Detroit in late 79.

I would try drag racing now and again, but in 1988 I decided to join the points program, I had just purchased a 1978 Malibu, and I wanted to practice bracket racing because I wanted to win the Super Chevy race at U. S. 131 raceway in June. Well I won DOT class at 131, my first win ever, and a won street several times after that at Detroit,I also won street points in 88.

I met so many strange and wonderful people at Detroit Dragway over the years. Like Tom Kuznicki, who I bump into at Milan or buying a chicken dinner in Dearborn. Also Vic The Motorhead AKA Dr Dirt Gregory. Thanks for the shout out VIC,I learned a lot more about racing from YOU than you did from me.

There are so many names and faces I remember, I really miss those times, and I still see a few at the track. The last time I won at Detroit was the first weekend in October I think, in 1997. Kevin Kramer Mr Big Stuff Performance, sponsored a year end shoot out for points racers, and the track sponsored a year end shoot out for racers as well. I won the Big Stuff shoot out in street, and Elain Martin defeated me in the street shoot out, she kicked my but,denying me a double win, in what turned out to be the last actual race at Detroit.

I believe Marlon Howes also won with the Yellow 71 camaro on that day. The track never opened up for 1998. Racing was a blast at Detroit, people would even cheer you on the return road, or throw hot dogs at you. There are so many people I could mention, those were GOOD TIMES.

I tear up when I drive by the site now. mikef391@aol. com.
1/2/2021 - Livonia Mall Cinema - Livonia - Aldo Maddox
In the late 1970's, in additional to the traditional concession stand, they had coin operated machines located in the wall outside of each theater that dispensed pop.

My recollection was that they were almost always out of order. In the 1980's and 1990's, they had arcade games that were located on your left, just as you walked in, before the roped off ticket taker area, i. e. people in the mall could play video games even if they weren't there to see a movie.

That was the first place I ever saw the arcade games Gauntlet and Tag Team Wrestling. When you walked out of the front of the cinemas, you could turn left and there was a mall entrance/exit around the corner (i. e. left then left again) or you could walk straight ahead and, about 50 feet away, turn left where there was little store that sold expensive chocolates/candies on one corner and a Sibley Shoes on the other (Crowley's would have been located right behind you).

At that point, you'd be looking at one of the two large straight-away sections of the mall. In the 1970's and very early 1980's, it had Kresge's, which had its own cafeteria style restaurant where they used to sell sundaes that cost between 1 cent and 1 dollar (you spun a wheel to find out how much you would pay). The mall also had a barber shop called Eugenio's, a restaurant called The Coney Island Inn (a version of which I believe is still located on the property in a stand alone building), a Jonathan B. Pub, a Big Boy, a Sanders, a food stand called Athena Cafe, and later a Mervyn's.

Until around the mid-1980's, you had to pay money in order to get into the mall restrooms (I think it was a dime). It did not cost anything to use the restroom in any of the department stores, but for a kid it was a hike to get from the mall to one of restrooms inside of the large department stores..
1/2/2021 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Chuck Marlin
Attempting to secure photos of some of the cars that were contemporaries in the mid-60's.

Warren Bros GTO (65&66) Screaming Dago Mustang, Wally Booth 66 Trumble Chevrolet Chevelle, Hole Shot 6 Anglia and others. If you have a line on any of these please let me know. I'd also like to know if anyone would have a line on the library of film taken in the 60's and beyond of Motor City and Detroit Dragway? There was a show at one time that showcased the racing in the area. Might one of the stations have it in a vault? Can anyone remember the shows name, or the station broadcasting it? Anything to follow up on would be appreciated.

Per the guidelines I have shared my email address with the host, so feel free to write to me at chuck. marlin@gmail. com Chuck Marlin.
1/2/2021 - Howell Theatre - Howell - Sarah Schumm
The Howell Theatre is still operating as the Historic Howell Theatre as of December 2020 and ran as a drive in during the pandemic. It has an active Instagram Page @historichowelltheater.
12/25/2020 - Delray Theatre - Detroit - Walter B Hamilton
The marquee and entrance was on Jefferson Avenue, but as you entered this theatre you had to go across an alley to get to the actual auditorium and screen to see the movie. Delray is virtually being demolished for the new Gordy Howe Bridge to Canada. Walt.
12/25/2020 - Clark Park Theatre - Detroit - Walter B Hamilton
I'm wondering if this became the Dix Theatre when I was little. We used to go to matinees for a nickel on Saturdays and as you entered you were given a small envelope with from a penny to a quarter. The theatre was located on the south side of Vernor Highway about 2 doors from Clark Park in Detroit. It was a very popular theatre in the 40s.
12/25/2020 - Broadway Theatre - Detroit - Walter B Hamilton
The Broadway Capitol Theatre used to have a Sunday morning radio broadcast on WJR from it.

It was all local talent and I remember one little girl who used to dance and sing on that show - her name was Dorothy Carson. When I was a child I used to never miss this broadcast and it was quite popular maybe in the 40s - I am guessing. What a great website this is - especially for 89 year old folk like me. I worked as a teller at the Industrial National Bank on Woodward and the Boulevard.

12/25/2020 - Crescent Theater - Grand Haven - Bobbi Jones Sabine
The Crescent opened Dec. 26, 1928, and closed October 3, 1939. It was built at a cost of about $50,000 by the East End Theatre Corporation of Grand Haven.
12/11/2020 - Rolling Hills - Traverse City - David
One of the gas pumps at the Mutual gas station on Front Street next to the Blue Goat has information on it about one of the racers. It states he used to race at Rolling Hills.
12/11/2020 - Fort George Drive-In Theatre - Southgate - James LESZCZYNSKI
This was my first job- Fort George, and the Michigan.

Later the Jolly Roger. '83-'86. My father was a police officer in Southgate and one of the perks was getting free to the 2 drive ins. Almost every Wednesday (his usual day off) since '71 we would go to the drive in.

when it was time to get a job, my father got me an interview. I spent well over a decade enjoying and working at these Drive In theaters. They are more than a memory they are literally part of my history. Arni (from a 10 year old post below) we defiantly know each other.

Like he said, I wish I would have taken more pictures, or any pictures for that matter. Some movies, like Temple ( Spring Break, Never Say Never, Vacation, Valley Girl, Porky's 2, Mr. Mom, Footloose, Splash, Ghostbusters, and more) for better or worse- are ingrained in my memory word for word. I did it all- tickets, concessions stand, speakers, picking up the lot the next day.

Not a day goes by that I do not think about this place..
12/11/2020 - Ludington Fair - Ludington - Wes Beam
I raced at the 1/4 mile track the summer of 1977. I raced a 1969 Ford Mustang.
12/2/2020 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Jack Wrinkles
Gary Hammond if you see this ask Diane if she remembers losing a race for the FX Trophy one night o a 70 RoadRunner it was the highlight of my Tri City career.
12/2/2020 - Ecorse Drive-In Theatre - Taylor - Wally Sugarmann
The Ecorse Drive In, located on Ecorse Rd.

in Taylor, actually closed after the 1987 season. I grew up near the theater and remember Can’t Buy Me Love and Adventures in Babysitting playing on a double bill on a date that summer. The theater closed and they built a Kroger or Farmer Jack (I believe) on the site as an anchor store. That has long closed, but now the site is home to a Crunch Fitness, Dollar Tree and Secretary of State office.

Toward the front of the lot, there’s an Applebee’s and McDonalds..
11/22/2020 - Krim Theatre - Highland Park - Angie Steinman
Hi, I am hoping to hear back from Lillian Murdock-Angelo.

My great grand father Jerry Carman purchased The Club Monterey at Las Vegas from Sol Krim, owner of the Krim Theater in Hiland Park, MI in 1948. Jerry was a dancer and he bought the Club Monterey with a partner, Joseph Shamaly, who owned The 402 Club in Port Huron, MI. Curious if you knew my great grandfather. HE would have been about 50 years old at the time.

Angie dowagiacrentals at yahoo love to hear from anyone..
11/22/2020 - St. Alma Speedway - St. Louis - Darrell Hundey
Les Studer and Everrt Jellison also raced there. Dick Crowley broadcast the races on WFYC radio. I was only 4 or 5 years old but I rode in the wrecker with Al Small. It was a fun place especially when my dad won.
11/22/2020 - Camelot 1-2-3 - Dearborn - Chuck Dujsik
Hi my name is Chuck Dujisk. I was a usher at the Circle during the late 50’s I wonder if this web page is still active. Please respond if you interested in some memories about the Circle.
11/17/2020 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - David E Lyall
The X-10 car was out of a Ferndale Shell station, and was driven by Bob Holloway. It was one of the front runners from 1952 to 1954, the heyday of the Hardtops as they were called at Motor City Speedway.
11/13/2020 - Crystal Theatre - Detroit - Valrie Marks Kantorski
I have a photocopy of a programme from the Crystal Theatre dated 1906.

I see from info on this site that this original theatre was torn down and a new one was built across the street in 1938 to accommodate the widening of Michigan Avenue. The program lists the names of the Executive Staff, including C. Fritz Marks, who was my paternal grandfather. I particularly enjoyed noticing the words, REFINED VAUDEVILLE immediately below the name CRYSTAL THEATRE! I will submit my photocopy to the administrator of this website.

Fritz Marks ( played piano and organ in vaudeville in theaters all over Detroit and greater environs. He was also in the society orchestra of Henry Ford's, playing for galas and other events..
11/11/2020 - Lakeview Theatre - St. Clair Shores - Helen blower
My maiden name was Williams graduated from Lake shore high school in 1953.

Not sure what year I worked behind the candy counter maybe 1951 or 52. Those were the good all days two movies cartoons and news reels. I’m sure I have pictures somewhere of my friends in front of the theater. In the beehive restaurant next-door to it.

I know I have a picture of myself and the manager don’t remember his name in front of the building also. If I should find the pictures I will let you know. Helen.
11/11/2020 - Irving Theatre - Detroit - Rick
Always a treat to go to the Irving. Saw Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid here around 1969.
11/1/2020 - Kendallville Speedway - Kendall - John Berry
The North East to South West oval is still present. East of 2nd Street North of West G Ave.
11/1/2020 - Hornes Speedbowl - Reed City - Anthony Vinton
I believe I've found where the track use to be and a historical picture of the track as well.
10/27/2020 - Harper Theatre - Detroit - TM
They were open in the late 60’s. It was the next closest to my neighborhood once the Uptown closed.
10/27/2020 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Rita Dabney
I woke up this morning after having a dream about The Mercury Movie Theater.

We used to go there in the 60's and 70's when I was a little girl. What I remembered mostly about the theater was the astrological pictures on the ceiling. They were amazing!!! They even glowed in the dark!I wish there were photos of it. Thank you for having this site.

The Mercury Movie Theater was a beautiful gem. Sad that it is gone..
10/18/2020 - Huron Theatre - Ubly - Mike Reisner
This building has the beautiful new facade on it and has been used every storage building quite a few years now.
10/18/2020 - Goldfront Theatre - Cheboygan - Jason
This has since been torn down and the lot is vacant.
10/12/2020 - Regent Theatre - Jackson - Nancy Sisk Young
During years 1934-1936 we lived in Jackson and I was often requested to dance between movies, which were double features back then.

I was only 4 and 5 years old and I was the Shirley Temple style dancer. I only have an old letter from them written to my mother with instructions on what to wear, time to be there, etc. It's all so long ago, I realize, but I was wondering if there are any old show billings or news articles from that time where this information may be recorded and/or copies obtained. My name was Nancy Ann Guignet and my parents were Roy and Ethel Guignet.

I believe my father was employed at a company called Hartman's at the time, but I may be wrong. I have many wonderful memories of Jackson from those days. Loved our backyard fenced with wonderful grapevines covering it Off hand, I can't recall the address. however.

It should be on a census for that time, however..
10/6/2020 - Cherry Speedway - Fife Lake - Cole Maxson
I'd heard stories from around Traverse about the racetrack. However it closed in 2015 after a new owner bought it. In 2016, a new track was proposed in the nearby Boardman Township in Kalkaska County. However, I don't believe it never came to fruition.

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